About Quack in the Box

If laughter is the best medicine, then this game is an overdose! Take on the role of an unscrupulous quack doctor in this satirical, fast-paced card game where profit trumps prognosis. Whoever earns the most money wins — but it you kill too many patients, an angry mob will come after you!

Absolutely no medical knowledge required to play, although this game will tickle the funny bone of your favorite health professional.

Designed by an M.D., tested by gamers, and illustrated by the amazing Len Peralta!

Game Description:

Each doctor (player) draws patients and treatments at random.  You have to play a number of treatments determined by die roll.  You may not cure them, but you may hope to make money without “adverse outcomes!”  If they survive, they pay.  If they die, you accumulate infamy – and too much of that will end your practice… permanently.  If you are cunning, you may get rich enough to flee to Switzerland before people catch on that you are a QUACK!

13+ years and up.

2-6 players.

Includes 140 full-color cards, each with unique illustrations.

Read the rules here.

You’ll also need paper, pencil and one six-sided die to play (not included).

The Perfect Gift for:

  • Your game loving friends!
  • The graduation of your favorite pre-med, M.D., or medical resident!
  • Cynical health care professionals!
  • Anyone with a wicked sense of humor!

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