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What are game reviewers saying about Quack in the Box?

2GMs1Mic talk in their podcast about the fun they (and we!) had playing a hand of QITB with us at GenCon 2011.  Saturday Night Special (at 10:35): “We did stumble on a great game called Quack in the Box… it is surprisingly medically accurate… We will totally be playing this game after the podcast is done being recorded.”

Jonathan Liu at GeekDad: “Set aside your scruples, and don’t worry if you haven’t been to med school….Quack in the Box is an excellent, light-strategy game with a morbidly funny theme.”

The Gaming Gang: “Quick cutthroat game that provides a lot of interesting information of symptoms and treatments of various conditions. It almost makes me believe that an actual First Aid training game could be developed that is both fun and educational (with the appropriate disclaimers of course).”  In their podcast they comment (Episode 25, at about 42:00):  “Where’s my leaches?… I did find the premise pretty entertaining.”

Ben at Troll in the Corner: “This is a cool card game.”  Also listen to Ben’s podcast interview (3/20/2011) at PAX East with QITB’s designer, Chris.

What do gamers say about Quack in the Box?

Josh at Fair Game (Downers Grove, IL) writes: “In Quack in the Box, each player takes the role of a money-grubbing doctor who – apparently – slept through their ethics class (Hippocratic oath? Whazzit?)….I was impressed enough with the game that I bought a case to bring back to the store.”

“My friends and I got this at PAX East. This is the BEST card game I’ve ever played. It is SOOO fun. The HMO card is definitely my favorite card in terms of hilariousness!” John J. (via Facebook)

“Me and my friends bought 2 copies of this game at pax east and we both love it. we have played it with cousins at family gatherings and not only did it make them want to buy it themselves but when we told them we got it at pax, it made them want to go to pax next year.” Brian (via Facebook)

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What are doctors and medical professionals saying about Quack in the Box?

Dr. Robyn Liu at Doctors for America: “An ER doc….began to realize the brokenness of our system and its perverse incentives…. Chris combined this insight with his love of games and created “Quack in the Box,” a new card game that gives a darkly humorous but frighteningly recognizable perspective on American medical care… Am I happy or sad to report that Chris is spot-on? I can say with certainty that my non-medical spouse understands current problems in physician reimbursement better than he used to!”

laddriggers (a Physician Assistant) writes: “Unique concept. It’s always nice to play a game that doesn’t feel like a rip off some other game. Overall5/5 Stars! It’s a fun game and it’s hilarious as a medical professional. Try out Quack in the Box for a really funny and enjoyable card game! Or give it as a gift for the medical professional in your life.”

“The folks at work LOVE QitB! Gave it to the cardiovascular research medical director and the Medical director of the cath labs, who said it was “very clever.” A whole ton of other folks got a huge kick out of it!” -Ben P. (via Facebook)

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