Game Review: Six-Shooter (Crystal Tower Games) KID ALERT!

This game has nothing to do with guns, other than the picture on the box cover. Six-Shooter is a cross between Yahtzee and Bingo. Each player has their own 6×6 bingo-style board, with each square representing a combination of dice, for example, “Two 3 of a Kinds” or “12 points or less.”  A deck of cards has the same combinations.

During each turn, a card is displayed, and each player attempts to achieve that combination with 6 D6 (i.e., normal dice) in 4 rolls.  Players decide which dice to keep and which to reroll each time.  If successful, the player uses a dry-erase marker (included) to mark off one of those squares on the bingo board.  The first to mark off 6 in a row wins.

All players play simultaneously.  This means for more experienced players the game can move faster (although playing by turns might work better for younger players who need some adult help).

This game will challenge many younger gamers without frustrating them.  They have to decide which of their six dice to keep and which to reroll, and which square to mark on their bingo board (give that each type of card appears three times).  It also helps children learn skills like creating patterns, adding, and calculating probabilities.  And, it is very easy to learn and play.

Game comes with 4 bingo-style boards, 4 dry-erase markers, one deck of cards, and 24 6-sided dice.

Originality:  3/5

Ease to Learn:  5/5

Replay Value:  4/5  (for kids)

Looks:  4/5  (well-made and sturdy, although art is simple)

Elegance:  4/5.  Overall, we recommend this game for children 4-8 years of age.

(Note:  We acquired this game at GenCon 2011 in a product trade with the owners of the company.)

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