The first orders are away!

Hello fellow quacks! The first orders of the game are away – happy gaming!

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3 Responses to The first orders are away!

  1. Because I’m that crazy, I’ve played through a game with six imaginary players and documented each and every turn replete with even which cards are drawn when.

    This game is a load of fun, and I enjoyed playing through it greatly, and look forward to taking this game with me to Indiana to show it off to mom, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

    The cards are beautiful, play well, and the mechanics are inventive – a lot of thought has gone into this, and yes, to me, it gives an inkling of chilling insight into how random medical malpractice and bad medicine really can be.

  2. Pol Stafford says:

    Hey, you guys should post your evil thoughts about expansion packs – and leave a place where people can review your games! 🙂

  3. Don Gusano says:

    Hi Pol! Thanks for the feedback! Our game can be reviewed either on the wall of our Facebook page (, or you can review it at Board Game Geek ( Thanks for your support!!